Perks Of Salon Ownership For Working Parents

Working parents can agree on one thing, regardless of their industry: work-life balance is critical. You’re not alone if you feel that your career aspirations are dragging on one arm while your family is tugging on the other. As a beauty expert, opting to go for it alone and open a beauty salon in Georgia may seem daunting, adding to your already overburdened schedule. Instead, consider it a goal that is well within your grasp. It can provide you the freedom and flexibility you need to achieve the work-life balance you desire.

For working parents, becoming your own boss offers several advantages. Even though it feels like a solitary trip at first, having an informed support structure in place is critical. Consider an idea like Salon Lofts, which rents out suites. They not only provide physical space for their loft owners, but also crucial services for these independent beauty experts as the largest privately-owned business of its sort. Online booking, a mobile client management app, and free business education are just a few of the resources available.

Have still cold feet to dive into the ownership of the salon? See these work parents’ incentives to assist heat the toes!

Partner With The Beauty Professionals Salons in Georgia

It doesn't have to be lonely to be your boss, especially with an idea like Salon Lofts. While you run your own business, you're still a member of a community of like-minded beauty professionals that like being creative and helping their customers look and feel their best. You'll also likely meet other working parents who can empathize with any personal issues that arise, such as the need to arrange last-minute daycare for a sick child. When you're a member of something as wonderful as the Loft Owner community, you're never alone.

Create a Relaxed, Inviting Environment That is All Your Own

Some people thrive in the hustle and bustle of a bustling salon floor, while others thrive in a quiet setting. As a working parent, having your Salon Loft area that reflects you and your professional attitude may help you feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day. When you enter through the door of your house, life may feel like a circus, but at work, you can relax, be creative, and be productive without being distracted.

Make a Work Schedule That Works for You

If the madness of 2020 taught us anything, it's that we need to be more flexible in our lives. You have complete control over when you make yourself accessible for appointments as a salon owner. Do you have a child who is still enrolled in a distance learning program? Perhaps nights and weekends are the ideal times for you. Is your kid in a half-day daycare program? Allow clients to contact you during certain hours.

Establish Your Rates

Who's in charge? Yes, you are! You get to retain 100% of your revenues in addition to deciding how much to charge consumers for your services. This is especially beneficial for working parents who may wish to increase their availability to take on more appointments if, for example, your child wants to do something that costs money.


All of these might have already got you on your toes to start up your salon loft today. If for instance there are many hurdles for settling up your salon’s we will get you cover. At Blink iLash by Anh’s the best salon in Georgia, we sell high-quality products in bulk too for customers that are new to the business of starting up their salon. It would be our pleasure to help our sisters in need.

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