Best Brazillian Body and Bikini Waxing Services with Attention to Detail

For your body waxing services in Georgia, contact Blink iLash by Anh. We exclusively use natural Brazilian wax that has been imported from the best places. In addition, we use hard wax or sugar wax to remove all of the hair, leaving you clean and fresh. Loyal customers will be given discount packages.

Waxing Recommendation

Blink iLash by Anh waxing services recommends waxing every 3-6 weeks for the best results and comfort. Please wait 24 hours before tanning, swimming, or using harsh chemicals on your skin for optimum skin relief. After each waxing and bleaching service, we will treat your skin to assist reduce any discomfort or irritation. 


Exfoliation is advised 24 hours after therapy to assist eliminate ingrown hairs. When compared to other hair removal methods, exfoliating every three days yields faster and more beneficial effects, allowing ingrown hairs to reduce or appear less frequently.

Waxing Services - Waxing Legs

Premium Hard Wax: When I use premium hard wax, we remove hair from your skin without the need for strips. We then exfoliate your skin with a mild soft wax to eliminate any remaining hair.

Chocolate Hard Wax: Suitable for sensitive skin, chocolate hard wax eliminates hair without the need for strips. This has a pleasant chocolate smell that is blended with organic moisturizers.

Brightening Vajacial: This is the most recent method of pampering and brightening your "flower." It is intended to be done a week after waxing and consists of cleaning, steaming, exfoliating, ingrown extraction, hot towel, masking, and moisturizing.

Customized Sugar & Chocolate Wax: This is the least painful approach of all. The sugar will be used to remove the top of the hair, and the chocolate hard wax will be used to remove the labia region, making this treatment very clean, quicker, and longer-lasting.

Heartbreaker Wax: We use chocolate or honey hard wax for heartbreaker wax. After waxing and molding your landing strip into various forms such as a heart, triangle, or rectangle, vivid colors of dye.

Vajay Express Calming Facial: This procedure, which is recommended soon after waxing, involves ingrown extraction, cleaning, fruit enzyme masking, and moisturizing. This is also an excellent method for soothing and reducing redness.

No scream cream sample applied minutes before waxing or sugaring

Vajazzle adorable small embellishments with CZ diamonds

Full Legs and Half Legs

Under Arms

Brightening Vajacial (cleanse - extract - exfoliate - hot towel moisten)

Full Body Waxing

Waxing At Home Services

Get silky, smooth skin at home! Now your unwanted hair is removed quickly and professionally by our waxing services. Depending on the pace of hair growth, the results last between 3 and 4 weeks. With our at-home services, our trained staff arrives at your house. We ensure the hygiene and process of our body waxing services from sanitizing to exfoliation to using authentic products on your skin that will show their true results lightly a day or two after waxing for the finest results. We offer delicate bikini waxing services for our clients without letting them through a very painful process.

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